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Meet Saskia

Saskia Joseph was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy when she was 6 months old. She is wheelchair bound and suffers from increased muscle tone which results in an inability to move her limbs and support her bodyweight. Due to this immobility her muscles tighten to the point of total rigidity and she has had to undergo major surgery where the muscle spasticity has caused long term dislocation of limbs.

The Peterson's Fund for Children has assisted in the cost of regular physiotherapy and specialist equipment to assist Saskia in her daily life. Equipment such as a bath chair, specialist seating for the living room, and an adapted bed have allowed Saskia a level of comfort and inclusion in family life she would otherwise have lost in her childhood.

With the ongoing support of Peterson’s Fund for Children the need for surgical intervention to enable Saskia to move her limbs and reduce the pain caused by her disability has been offset. Although Saskia will require constant care, with the pain alleviated and her access to the required adapted equipment she can have a childhood without pain and discomfort like any able-bodied child, and as such she remains a happy and sprightly young girl with a positive outlook for the future.

- Written by Adrian Joseph (Saskia’s Dad)

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