Meet Our Children

Meet Xander & Joey

Xander and Joey were born at 26 weeks in Kingston Hospital. They were in hospital for 100 days and came home on Oxygen and were taken off it after 3 months.

Both boys were diagnosed with ASD at age 3 and in line with the importance of early intervention their parents are doing everything they can to help them but only a fraction of this is possible without help from the Petersons fund. The boys are severely speech delayed, they have sensory issues, they have poor gross and fine motor skills and they suffer from anxiety and issues with focus and attention.

Thanks to Stefan and the ABA, both supported by Peterson's Fund, particularly recently with Qigong therapy, their focus and attention has improved dramatically. They are also making huge steps with their speech although they're still very delayed.

They also have complicated health issues and they are seeing a specialist doctor in the US with the help of the Petersons Fund. Although the boys find the world a frightening place at times, their love for one another is limitless and they will often be seen holding hands or hugging each other!

We are so grateful to Peterson's Fund for helping us offer our boys the help and support they need to secure a brighter future.

- Written by Sophie Fox (Xander & Joey's Mum)

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