Paypal Giving Fund

Support Us Through eBay And Paypal Giving

Are you an Ebay or Paypal user?

Did you know that you when you list your items for sale you can link them to a Paypal Giving charity?

Peterson's Fund for Children is now registered with the Paypal Giving ebay scheme and can be selected as a recipient of a percentage of your item's selling price. At the time of listing, select our charity from the drop down menu and your donation percentage.

Your listing will receive a ribbon next to it, to alert potential buyers that you have a charity-based listing which, in turn, may help to increase your exposure and sales.

Similarly, when you make a purchase on ebay, you can opt to make a donation to our charity at the same time. This is another fabulous way to support our charity, so please consider it the next time you visit eBay.

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