About Peterson's Fund For Children

We Are Here To Help Children With Disabilities

Welcome to the Peterson's Fund for Children website! We are an ever-growing local charity, based in Surrey, which has made a large impact by our dedication to improving and enhancing the lives of children with severe mental and physical disabilities.

We have been in existence for just over 9 years and through extensive fundraising efforts have been fortunate enough to provide funding for a variety of therapies and specialised equipment otherwise unavailable on the NHS.

Our aim is help as many young people in need as possible in the hopes of improving their quality of life and offering them opportunities in order to maximise their individual growth and potential.

What began as a small weekly concession stand at a local sports field has blossomed into a sustainable, vibrant, robust charity hosting 8-10 fundraising events per year. Our support comes from many friends, local businesses and sponsors that donate their time, services and money and we are very grateful for their assistance.

Charlene Peterson

Photo by Laura Gioffredo

You Can Help

Please take a moment to visit the pages of the children we are currently supporting. We would love to add more smiling faces to these pages and be able to provide hope for brighter, fuller, more meaningful futures and with your support, this is most certainly possible. It does not take much, but it means so much!

- Charlene Peterson, Founder and Director of Peterson's Fund For Children

Winner of the Voluntary Support North Surrey 2017 Individual Volunteer Achievement Award and the 2015 Eric Theobald Memorial Award

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