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Meet Our Children

Meet Celeese

Celeese Aliaj was born in 2010 with a rare brain condition called Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. Due to her condition she has severe global development delay and serve learning disabilities. Celeese has no speech and can not walk un-aided. She has hearing and vision impairment. However, despite her challenges she remains the smiliest, happiest girl we know!

When Celeese joined the charity we were not getting the support she needed. Celeese has made great progress with the help of Peterson's Fund for Children, providing support and giving us the opportunity to access occupation therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, hippotherapy/Horseriding and hydrotherapy sessions, Celeese has taken her first steps with a k walker! She is a long way off but we now know that she will and can walk!

Peterson's Fund for Children have provided us equipment that is not available on the NHS- walking aids, specialist buggy and a specialist trike!

Whilst there is no cure for Celeese's condition, we now know that she can benefit from a range of development therapies and educational support. We thank you for your generosity towards this very worthy charity.

I'm so happy that we have been given the chance to work with Charlene and the Peterson's Fund, where Celeese has the opportunity to reach her true potential that would otherwise not be possible. Thank you!

- Written by Gemma Morgan (Celeese’s Mum)

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