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Meet Our Children

Meet Jack

Jack was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD shortly before his 3rd Birthday having experienced a difficult start to life. He is non-verbal and has significant Sensory Processing difficulties to the extent that his Surrey Special School were no longer able to meet his needs. This is where the wonderful Peterson's Fund for Children stepped in. They have helped set up a comprehensive home based program for Jack to meet all his educational and health needs. He is a happier , more communicative boy already making great strides forward in his development. With the help of the Peterson's Fund for Children - we will shortly be embarking on an ABA program for Jack so the future is even brighter for our darling boy.

We are now hopeful and excited about the future for Jack for the first time since his diagnosis. This is all due to the input provided by this wonderful Charity. Without their help - we would have struggled to provide Jack with the help and support he needs and so richly deserves. Our happy, amazing sunshine boy can now look forward to a better future. Words are hopelessly inadequate in conveying our heartfelt appreciation for this incredible Charity who put the lives of so many children back on track and are a force for good in an often difficult world.

- Written by Sam (Jacks Mum)

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