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Meet Our Children

Meet Preetha

Preetha is a happy young woman who has global developmental delay, truncal hypotonia, severe learning difficulties and tight hamstrings which prevent her from straightening her knees causing her walking to be unsteady. Whenever Preetha has a growth spurt, she struggles very hard to regain her body co-ordination which may take several days at a time.

Preetha has no speech, using symbols and signs to work on non verbal communication, has sensory processing difficulties, self harming issues to the extent of breaking the skin on her hands and bleeding it, head banging issues etc. She has difficulty chewing food due to weak muscle tone and mostly eats puréed food.

Preetha developed a squint when she was little and is long sighted. Her level of eyesight could not be confirmed as it has been difficult for the professionals to assess it due to her severe learning disability and her cognitive ability which is much lower than her chronological age.

We are grateful for all that Peterson's Fund is doing for Preetha.

Preetha is a very determined young woman and with support from Peterson's Fund for Children, we look forward to her achieving her full potential.

- Written by Sreedevi and Madhan (Preetha's parents)

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